Achieving run/life balance with Natalie Moore from Running Fit Box


Natalie Moore is a mum who loves to run. Through her business Running Fit Box she hopes to motivate people to live a healthy, happy and active life through running. She’s provided her tips for maintaining a ‘run/life balance’ below.

Natalie and her family will be participating in the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run this year.

There’s no denying there is a running revolution going on in our streets and parks. Runners are taking over our footpaths, tracks and trails in epic proportions.
The bright colours of active wear line our streets. Runners swish past consumed by their own thoughts, more than I have ever seen. Fun runs and charity runs are a weekly occurrence.

We’ve seen the birth of the pram runner, the park runner, the well-known “running mum” term is familiar with women across the country. No matter what sort of running you do, there is a name for it. Running bears no boundary and it is serving as the ideal way for people to get fit and stay healthy. It is also the perfect way to teach our children and those closest to us that we have the ability to challenge our mind, body and soul and it is simply done by moving our feet.

Running has been an important aspect of my life for the past 10 years. I’ve gone from thinking I could not run, to increasing my distance and doing fun runs, to lining up and running marathons. The running journey has been one of not only physical benefits but also emotional and mindful benefits.

Running has seen me evolve into a serious goal setter, challenge seeker and action taker. Furthermore, it has accelerated my role model status for my two year old daughter, who loves watching me run and running herself. I also know that running makes me a better, well-centred mum, wife, woman. I speak to a lot of people who do not class themselves as runners, or who would never consider doing a fun run or think that just giving running a go is so far out of reach for them. And in all honesty, it saddens me because we all have the ability and opportunity to try it, do it and gain life-changing rewards from it, not just for individual reasons but for wider family benefits.

So as a mum, dad, husband, wife, business owner, worker, student- how does someone begin to squeeze in runs around our busy everyday lives? I get it, I understand it can be tough to find spare minutes in the day to run.

Like every new hobby or passion, it can take time to embed the new routine into your life but you will get there and you can do it. Here are some of my tips for creating a new running routine:

Set a goal – It doesn’t need to be a big goal. Start small but lock that goal in with a time frame so you have something you are working towards – it will keep you accountable. Once you have achieved your goal, take time to reflect and enjoy the reward. Then set another one.
Your vision might be to do a 5km fun run with your son or daughter. Perfect, you now have a goal and something to focus on when the going gets tough!

Make a commitment to do it and make the time –
As soon as you decide to set a running goal the time and plan associated with turning your goal into an action will form. If the goal is important enough to you the means to which you will make it happen, will happen.
I love the power of visualisation and cannot recommend it highly enough. Visualise yourself completing your goal – I do this often when I have a marathon coming up. I always visualise myself doing the run, crossing the finish line and from here it makes me see what needs to be done and the action to do it takes shape.

Plan, plan, plan –
Us parents should be professionals at setting routines. And your ‘setting a routine’ skill will come in very handy here. You need to schedule in the days you are going to do your activity particularly around all of the other family activities. My husband trains for triathlons and Ironmans so we need to set our days and times for when we both do our training, particularly around my daughter, my dog, work and friends and family time. It’s a must if you are going to make it work.

Join a run group – running offers up so many opportunities to create new connections with people. A run group is the perfect means to do this, it helps keep you motivated, accountable and most of all you are surrounding yourself with like-minded runners.

Get a run coach – A lot of people think they need to be an elite runner to have a coach, but if you have a goal, want to improve your running or want to learn how to run then a run coach is the perfect option. There are many run coaches around who can offer up customised plans, information, tips and advice. Find yourself a coach that you connect with, trust and can work with to assist your running goals.

Enjoy it! – don’t lose sight of the enjoyment and love you have for running. It can only bring you and your family great happiness and togetherness.

Whether you are starting out or have been running for a while, there will always be a strong sense of self-achievement which comes with running. As much as it is an individual sport, there are all round benefits and wonderful experiences you can share with your closest loved ones and family.

Natalie Moore, Running Fit Box

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