“The atmosphere was fantastic” – One father on why he’s signed his family up again for the fun run


Father-of-three Greg Edelmaier is taking part in the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run with his family.

The Edelmaiers took part in last year’s event and couldn’t wait to sign up again to make the fun run their newest Father’s Day tradition.

Here he explains why the family have got on board again this year: 

Greg said: “We had a really great time last year and loved the event.

“The atmosphere was fantastic.

“I wanted us to take part as a family because I thought the event was a great opportunity to do some physical activity together.

“That’s what we enjoy and the kids are always up early anyway so I thought it would be good to do for Father’s Day.”

And while the family enjoy spending time together and getting active- you don’t need to be serious athletes to enjoy the day.

Greg added: “I’ve never done a fun run before or anything like that and we don’t do any training because we just walked our way around the 5km course.

“It was just a great way to spend the day together doing something we enjoy and it’s also for a really great cause.

“We might attempt the 10km this year, but we’ll still be taking our time around the course.”

As well as the fun run, we’ll also be bringing back the popular Event Village which will have something for everyone to enjoy – from Farmer Darryl’s Petting Zoo, to face painting and food.

Greg's family

“It was a really friendly event, even though we didn’t know many people there, there was a real sense of community to the fun run,” Greg said.

“Everyone seemed to be having a great time and it didn’t feel like a race.

“There were some people who ran the course but most of us just walked around and it was pretty relaxed and there was a really good vibe.”

“The Event Village was fantastic as well, it’s one of the reasons we signed up again so quick this year.

“We must have spent double the amount of time in the event village as we did doing the race because the kids just wanted to stay and take part in everything.

“There was so much space to do all the things that were on offer – from riding bikes to the bubble soccer.”

Greg's son

And Greg had some sound advice for people who were still considering whether or not to sign up.

He added: “My advice would be to just sign up and come on down and check it out.

“It really is a great day and it’s only going to get bigger and better.

“Signing up is easy and the Tan and the Botanical Gardens are a great location.

“I think sometimes we take it for granted that it’s there in the city.

“You get to have a great day with your family doing some exercise and raise money for a wonderful cause so just come along and do it.”

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