Dressed for the chase


The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run is putting the fun back into fun run. Instead of simply running, you can chase your way around the Tan.

We are all chasing after something, whether that be the clock, your dream, or just the person in front of you.

But why not get into the spirit of chasing by dressing up?

Throughout history, there have been lots of classic chasers. This is your chance to chase your family and friends dressed as your favourite characters.

You could be the mouse, make your child the cat, and the chase is on!

Below are some awesome ‘chaser’ costume ideas to get you inspired.

Kitten chasing a ball of wool:

If you think a kitten chasing a ball of wool is cute, and let’s face it – who doesn’t, the Father’s Day Fun Run is the perfect chance to bring this cuteness to life.

The fox chasing the chicken:

If you’re a bit sly and crafty, why not dress us up as a fox and have your little sister dress up as a chicken – she better be quick though!

The spider chasing the fly:

Hate spiders? Show them who’s boss by dressing up as one, while chasing your best friend dressed as a fly!

The tortoise chasing the hare:

For those that want to take a leisurely pace, tortoises know that slow and steady wins the race.

The bird chasing the worm:

Spread your wings and fly after your friend ‘doing the worm’ dance move.

More ideas:

The mouse chasing the cheese.

The monkey chasing the banana.

A moth to a flame.

The Wicked Witch chasing Dorothy.

Batman chasing the Joker.

Wile E. Coyote chasing The Road Runner.

…the options are endless!

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