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Simone Pucci is the founder of the popular Mummy Plus One Blog and will be participating in the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run with her family.

Below, Simone shares some of her favourite and fun exercises to do with her two year old son Isaac – which you could try too!

 Finding time to exercise when you have a small child taking up 99 per cent of your attention can be difficult – but not impossible!

For me it’s important to stay fit and healthy and the best way I find to avoid excusing myself from exercising is by doing so as a family.

The best part about these exercises is that you can do them all in the house and the garden when the sun is shining!

My son Isaac is a great motivator, he’s always laughing and getting involved when I work out, so here’s some of our favourite exercises to do together.

Push ups

Believe me push ups are so much more fun when there’s a child involved and Isaac has a great time hanging on to my husband as he does this.

The easiest way is to start on your knees and your child straddled on your lower back or hanging off your upper body like Isaac.

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Your hands should be placed slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and then keeping your back straight, bend until you’re 90 degrees at the elbow.


You can either hold your child close to you or do what Isaac likes to do and lie flat out in my arms.

Take a big step forward and lower yourself down so that both knees are bent at 90 degrees, then walk forward and repeat.

Make sure you keep the knee you’re stepping with over your ankle and keep your back upright and your abs tight.


Another favourite in our house. It’s great for keeping my arm muscles strong so I can lift Isaac up for cuddles, whilst also working out my legs.

Hold your child close and position your feet hip-distance apart. I find the best way to squat is to imagine you’re going to sit down, pushing your hips back and taking the weight in your heels.

Baby Curl

The most difficult part of this is making your baby or toddler stay still.

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat and sit your baby against your legs on your torso, holding on to their hands or arms.

Squeeze your abs and lift your head, neck and shoulder blades off the floor and wait for the giggles to start!


Isaac’s all-time favourite exercise is dancing, it never feels like exercise because it’s so much fun and it’s actually a great way to stay healthy.

We love to turn the music on in the house and get our boogie on with Isaac.

Not only does it get us moving, but you can pull as many wacky shapes as you like in the comfort of knowing that no one is watching!

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