Event Day FAQ's

Where is the start line, and what time do I start?

What should I wear and bring?

Can I dress up?

Can I bring my family, pets, and items such as prams?

How will I get my timed result?

I have a toddler – do they need to register?

Where will the toilets be?

Will there be First Aid and where will it be?

Where will the Event Village be located?

What will be on at the Event Village?

Where can I leave my belongings?

Will there be water stations?

Will there be a warm up?

Where can I watch family and friends participating?

Are there time restrictions?

Will there be merchandise available for purchase?

What happens if it is raining?

Can I register on the day?

Can I wear headphones?

Where do I pick up my bib?

Fundraising FAQ's

How do I sponsor or donate to someone?

Can I make a general donation to the event?

What does my donation go towards?

I’m having issues making a donation, how can this be resolved?

I’d like to receive my tax deductible receipt closer to tax time – is this possible?

I do not feel comfortable making an online donation – are there other ways I can donate?

General FAQs

When, where, and what time is the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run?

What distances can I choose?

Is the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run accessible to everyone?

Is there an official training plan for the 5km and 10km runs?

Pre-event and event pack FAQs

When will I receive my event pack?

What’s included in my event pack?

I’ve received my event pack, however I’m no longer going to participate – how can I send this back to the YMCA?

Registration FAQs

How will I be notified that I have successfully registered?

Are refunds available if I can no longer participate?

Can I change my distance or start time?

I’m having trouble registering – what’s the problem?

When do registrations open?

I couldn’t choose the gender I identify with – why is this?

How do I register as a family?

Can I register on the day?

How much are the processing and administration fees?

How can I view/manage my registration?

Where do I pick up my bib?

Can I create a team?

How do I join a team?

How will I be notified that I have successfully registered?

Volunteer FAQ's

How can I become a volunteer?

What roles do volunteers cover on the day?

Can I choose when and how I volunteer?

What if I cannot make it on race day? Are there other ways I could support the event?

Will I receive training for my role?

What should I bring and wear?

What happens if I have signed up for a shift but can’t attend?

Thank you to our sponsors