Finding your best fit


When it comes to running, finding the perfect shoe is key.

We’re all different. From the way we walk and run, to the shape of our feet and bio-mechanics. Getting fitted and assessed by podiatry trained experts can go a long way to reaching your full potential this Father’s Day.

The right fit

Every shoe has a different purpose and function. Through geometry, structure, support, weight and pitch of a shoe, bio-mechanics can be altered and in turn assist or harm an individual. It is important that your shoes are right for you before you embark on your next running adventure.

Socks also play a key role in running performance. Technical running socks can manage heat and moisture, and reduce the risk of blistering and movement in your shoe.

Avoiding injury

Exercising repeatedly in the same shoe won’t do you any favours. A shoe needs to be chosen based off its application. There are different fits for different activities, such as gym versus running. Having different, purpose built shoes for running, gym, and other activities, you will reduce the risk of injury whilst training.

How do I know my current shoes are right for me?

Our event sponsors Active Feet are the place to go!

Active Feet aren’t just a shoe store. They are podiatry trained experts who take the time to analyse your feet and find the best fit for your needs.

Using motion analysis they can show you how your current shoe is functioning and compare it to others on the market, and prescribe you with the best fit for your goals.

Plus, everyone who signs up to the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run get $50 off their next pair of Brooks runner at Active Feet!

So why not sign up, grab your shoes, and pop into Active Feet for an assessment today?

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