Where your fundraising dollars will go in 2017


YMCA Victoria has long been an advocate for healthier, happier and better connected communities with a particular focus on young people.

The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run is raising funds build resilience in our young people. All money raised will go to school and camping based programs that build resilience and equip disadvantaged young people with social and emotional skills.

By fundraising or donating, you can directly help disadvantaged young people in your community to build resilience, gain a sense of identity and develop self-confidence in a safe environment.

Dr Anthony Venning, clinical psychologist, states that it’s important to support young people as they develop.

“Being young can be a turbulent time (developmentally, socially, and physically), and we know that adolescence is the age of onset for most mental disorders. It’s also a time that provides opportunities for growth and the development of strengths.”

Funds are needed to ensure we can continue to develop a space that is created and defined by the young people themselves.

We need more spaces where they are given the chance and the choice to engage in an experience that suits their unique situation.

YMCA programs are inclusive of all and ensure that irrespective of the situation or background of a young person, they can participate fully to their level of comfort. The diversity of the young people in the group offers a unique learning experience, exposing them to cultural, gender and societal issues often foreign to them.

Program coordinator Michael says:

“Often the young people that are involved in our programs are not comfortable in peer groups, they’ve never been recognised or appreciated by their peers. We try and create an environment that allows for a beneficial peer experience, opposed to a difficult one.”

These experiences provide benefits to young people that contribute to enhancing positive emotional and social skills necessary for positive adulthood. Through these programs, we’re building resilience in young people and wanting to have a direct positive impact on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The programs you’ll be fundraising for

Our camping program, Camping Adventures, is an all inclusive week long camp that provides a positive, supportive and fun experience for any child, regardless of their background. Our other camping program, YMCA Connect Camp is tailored to suit some of the more disadvantaged young people in our communities that are often living in care or alternate accommodation. This week away offers important respite, stability and development for these young people who have already experienced a lot of adversity in their life.

Our school based program, YMCA Evolve, is often run in large classroom groups and makes up 10 different modules that are tailored around building resilience and equipping young people with life skills – not part of the standard curriculum.

Your entry fee goes towards the costs of staging the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run event, so it’s only through your fundraising efforts that we can support more disadvantaged young people in  these important programs.

$650 will send one disadvantaged young person to camp for a week

$300 will provide resilience and coping skills training for 20 young people at a school in a disadvantaged area

$100 will provide all of the campsite meals for a young person for a whole week of camp

$50 will train and induct a volunteer to support a young person through a camp in a one-on-one capacity

$25 will help a disadvantaged young person to access bedding, toiletries and other essentials on camp

We ask you to join us and start fundraising for the future of our young people.

If you or someone you love needs support right now, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14. Young people aged 5 to 25 years can call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

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