Healthy snacks to feed the family


Knowing the right things to feed your family can be difficult.

I’m sure we’d all enjoy munching on a chocolate bar rather than a celery stick – but healthy doesn’t have to mean boring!

Introducing healthy and nutritious food into your diet can help bounds with your energy levels, which is perfect if you’re in training.

Eating healthy food has also been linked to greater happiness and less health problems later on in life.

So here’s five great snack ideas for a healthier and happier life:

  1. For whole goodness – try wholegrain crackers with cheese

These are the good carbs and give slowly released energy to fuel you throughout the day.

Top your wholemeal crackers, or wholemeal bread with cheese or a dip and you have a fulfilling and healthy snack to go.

  1. Pro protein – yoghurt and dips

A small tub of yoghurt, hummus dip or some slices of cheese in your lunchbox will provide plenty of protein, energy, and calcium too.

Protein is important for bodies to grow and repair themselves, and calcium is needed for healthy teeth and bones.

  1. Vital vitamins in veggies – carrot sticks and celery

Fresh vegetables are key to help get all the vitamins needed to boost our vitality and help prevent disease.

An easy way to increase your intake is to include crunchy raw veggie sticks in your lunchbox such as carrots, celery, cucumber, red capsicum, snow peas, green beans and cherry tomatoes.

  1. Fabulous fibre in fruit – apples, bananas, mandarins and more

Nature’s healthy sweets and completely packaged in its original form to go! From apples, pears, mandarins and oranges, there’s no shortage to the variety of fruit, try mixing it all together in a funky fruit salad.

  1. Healthy hydration – H20 to go!

How many times have we been told water is the best way to stay hydrated throughout the day? Well it’s so true! Keeping hydrated is important to help our brains and bodies can work at their best.

Water is free and not harmful to our teeth, unlike juice and other flavoured drinks!

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