Jake is why we run this Father’s Day


This Father’s Day, we’re asking you to support young people like Jake.

A bright and enthusiastic teenager, today Jake is going from strength to strength. He is surrounded by friends and people who care for him, and is receiving promotions at work.

But if it wasn’t for the YMCA Jake’s path could have been very different.

A few years ago Jake was struggling. After his family was torn apart at a young age, Jake desperately needed support. He became angry, easily frustrated, and felt alone.

School didn’t provide any refuge, and with the burdens Jake carried he lacked the confidence to make friends and was regularly bullied and further isolated.

Jake was in a downward spiral and needed desperate support. It was at this time his teachers introduced him to the YMCA.

Initially he was part of a health and fitness program for youth at risk. It was here Jake began to realise he was in an environment where people cared and listened. After a few months Jake accepted an offer to be part of a YMCA youth support group.

Surrounded by people who cared for him and with access to mentors, Jake started to turn his life around. He became an active participant and was motivated to achieve new found goals.

“Thanks to the YMCA I have an actual family. I feel safe, not just physically safe but emotionally safe,” Jake said.

With early intervention and support structures, young people like Jake have every chance of living a healthy, happy life.

This Father’s Day, please fundraise or donate to provide more prevention programs and minimise the toll of mental health issues in young people.

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