A parent’s guide to training for the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run


Training for the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run means you need time in your day to fit it in. Preparing as a parent poses a whole new set of challenges.

Don’t be deterred – it can be done!

In the lead up to the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run, the most important thing to do is not stress over missed training sessions. If you are following the four week program and you find you have to miss a run, no need to make it up on another day. This can do more harm than good.

It is always going to be a juggling act with young children and the ability to complete a training program. Here are the best ways to fit in your program as a busy parent.

Anytime is a good time to run

Do you prefer late nights or early mornings? If you can’t make time after work or through the day, then try getting up a little earlier or ditch the evening TV dramas for a run.

Involve your children

This will make your training more enjoyable, and they will love they chance to get active with their parents. Remember, family packages are available for the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run. Don’t just train together – participate together.

Plus, you are making such a positive impression on your children when you exercise with them!

Find a good jogging pram

It’s a great way to get your baby to have that much needed nap and squeeze a run in at the same time.

Get enough sleep

For an energy drained parent, this isn’t easy. Take advantage of anytime your child is having a nap by doing so yourself.

Lunch break runs

Pack some running clothes to take to work. This is also a great pick me up to beat the afternoon slump. Who says you need that second coffee?!

The key is to enjoy yourself and not stress when you can’t complete a session. Relax and make the most of the time you have to prepare.

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Thanks to Team Brooks athlete John Dutton for developing this article. John is an experienced long distance runner, and was trained by Australian running legend Steve Moneghetti. In 2015, he won the Ultra Marathon at the Canberra Running Festival and was crowned the sixth fastest Australian in history over the 50km distance. John is pictured above with his son.

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