Recapping the perfect Father’s Day


On Sunday 4 September 2016 at 7.30am, the starting horn for the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run was sounded for the very first time.

Eager participants arrived in Melbourne’s CBD from all directions, keen to take part in the 10km run or walk. Getting up at the break of dawn on a Sunday morning did not dampen spirits, and the feeling of being part of something new and exciting was in the air.

Broadcaster Francis Leach (SEN Breakfast) officially started the race to cheers of support.

Dads with prams committed to the course with determination, serious runners got their weekend exercise, and friends and families walked or ran in groups, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery the Tan provides.

Melbourne turned it on, with sunshine greeting participants as they made their way around the course.

Terry finish line

At 9.00am the second batch of participants took off for the 5km run/walk. The 2016 Victorian Father of the Year, Terry Mitropoulos, and his two sons Jonah, 12, and Christos, 10, began at the front of the pack to a huge cheer from the crowd of onlookers.

Another walker, Tom Ellenby, 29, was glad to be able to support the YMCA.

“Every Father’s Day, we do some sort of physical activity to celebrate it,” explained Tom, who had come along with his parents Peter and Lynnette and siblings Scott and Laura. They walked as a family.

“We’re doing it for dad and it’s a great day for it!” he said.

Another participant, Peter Challis, walked the 5km with his children Sean, 23, Aaron, 20 and Hayden, 2, who was riding on his shoulders.

“My wife is off running ahead with her father who’s 68,” said Peter.

“It’s nice to catch up with everybody,” said Sean.

“We’re only all together once or twice a month, so Father’s Day is special in that way,” agreed Peter.

Family FDFR boys

Participants upon finish were able to relax in the Event Village, which boasted delicious food trucks, bubble soccer, sumo suits, an animal farm, gymnastics lessons, skateboard lessons and live music.

A hit with kids and adults alike, the activities on offer were what really set the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run apart.

Colin Moore, who’d come with his daughter Poppy, 5, in matching costumes, was enjoying the sunshine in the Event Village and said, “My brother-in-law was doing the event and I thought it would be a great idea to do something that was a bit different to the usual Father’s Day breakfast in bed.”

The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run proved to be the perfect way to spend the morning with loved ones while being outdoors and getting active, and it was great to see such an awesome crowd for this first-time event!

A big thank you to all YMCA volunteers, staff, event staff and sponsors, for making the first ever YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run a day to remember.

Congratulations to all who participated – more photos coming soon! To view results from the day, click here.

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