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The impact of mental health issues on young people is a growing dilemma. One in four young people will struggle with mental health issues, and need a pathway to health and happiness.

Often these dark times come with alcohol and drug addiction – something Care and Recovery Clinician, Linden Townsend, knows too well.

Linden works for the organisation EACH SURE, and helps his clients find themselves again – both mentally and physically.

That’s why he refers people to the YMCA.

“The Y provides a service no one else does,” Linden explains.

“It’s no secret that physical and mental wellbeing is directly connected. That’s why I refer my patients to the Y to help them into the next stage of their journey.”

Linden has established a working relationship with the YMCA at Dandenong Oasis, sending young people with mental health issues to the centre through YMCA Open Doors.

YMCA Open Doors provides people experiencing disadvantage access to YMCA programs and services at recreation facilities for free, or at a significant discount.

For Linden’s clients this isn’t just a cheap gym membership – it’s a path to recovery.

“It gives them a reason to wake up every morning… to have something they can focus on,” he says.

“They go from a place where they can’t see past their front door to being actively involved in the direction of their life. Exercise helps them find inner strength to take on their lives by themselves.”

As for the service itself, Linden only has praise for what the YMCA offers his clients.

“It’s the perfect middle ground for people experiencing mental health issues…it’s a holistic approach for people who need a holistic solution.”

This Father’s Day, you can help support the YMCA programs and services Linden speaks about so highly.

You can sign up here and get fundraising, or make a donation.

*The young people featured above are not clients of the EACH SURE program. 

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