The top 5 things your kids will love about YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run


The thrill of the chase

What child wouldn’t squeal with joy or shriek with glee while being chased by their dad dressed as a giant gorilla or while chasing after their family and friends in the biggest chase ever?

There is no right or wrong way to chase, so kids can interpret their own style of moving, go crazy and burn off all that energy – all while spending quality time with their family and friends and creating memories that will last forever.

The lead up

Kids will love having something to look forward to – especially something as exciting as the chase! And in order to prepare, they can practice their chasing technique. In the park, in the yard, around the block, in the house, at school – wherever they are, once they’ve replaced running with chasing they’ll never want to stop!

The fancy dress

The goal is for the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run to be the most marvellously costumed fun run Melbourne has ever seen.

Kids will love creating their own costumes, dressing themselves up, dressing dad up, dressing mum up or just soaking up all the other wonderful costumes and creations of the chasers around the track. There will also be competitions for best dressed, so everyone can vote for their favourite or even get nominated themselves!

The buzzing atmosphere

The music will be pumping, the crowds will be hopping, the fun vibes will be thumping. And there will be plenty of entertainment both on and off the track to keep the kids amused and delighted throughout the day.

Once they’ve chased their way across the finish line, Alexandra Gardens will be packed with fun zones, chill out zones, food zones and more that will keep the littlest to the largest of kids entertained.

The memory wall

The huge photo memory wall – complete with two photo booths, a gallery and plenty of fun props – means that everyone can pose for a photo and take a souvenir home with them. And it’s free, so the pocket money goes untouched!

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