Top dad jokes: Our picks


Do you ever have a really great dad joke but no opportunity to use it? Well look no further: the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run is literally the best place to unleash your dad jokes on anyone who will listen.

Here are some of our favourites. Drop one of these bad boys in conversation and relish in the groans from your friends and family. These jokes are not restricted to dads and work best when said to a captive audience, teamed with a cheeky wink.

When reversing the car on your way to the event

Dad: “Ahh, this takes me back.”

When you try to get your dad to buy you food after the race

You: “I’m hungry”

Dad: “Hi hungry, I am Dad”

You: “Dad, I’m serious!”

Dad: “Serious? I thought you were hungry.”

When you see the rabbits at the petting zoo

Dad: “What do you call a line of rabbits going backwards?”

You, with reluctance: “I don’t know, what?”

Dad: “A receding hare line”

When you are complaining about sore legs after the event

Dad: “The good news is…they’ll feel better when they stop hurting.”

When you’re waiting in the line at one of the food trucks and he wants to make small talk

Dad: “Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.”

When you want to get changed after the race

Friend: “I’m going to go change.”

Dad: “Don’t change! I like you the way you are!”

When you want to discuss your meal prep before the event

Dad: “I thought about going on an all almond diet…but that’s just nuts!”


Dad: “I’m on a seafood diet. If I see food, I eat it.”

When you want to educate the people around you about nature

Dad: “What’s brown and sticky?”

You, hesitantly: “I don’t know”

Dad: “A stick”

YMCA Victoria is in no way responsible for the cringe-factor inflicted upon anybody who is treated to one of these jokes at this year’s event. 

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