Types of participants you’ll see at this year’s event


The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run attracts a diverse and fun-loving group of people keen to celebrate Father’s Day while getting active together.

Here are six types of participants you might come across on the day.

The Costume Kween

This person goes the whole nine yards, and looks fabulous doing it. Not only do they run the whole 10km but they do it in a fluffy suit and novelty shoes. This person may have slight regrets when they hit the 3km mark and their sweat starts to build up in the bottom of their suit but hey, no-one said looking good was easy.

Just here for the petting zoo

This person got dragged along by their mates with the promise that if they did the fun run as a reward, they’d get to pat a goat. Turns out this is the motivation they need to push through the last 2kms. To the shock of their friends they’ve finished the course in record time. Flying past the finish line they don’t stop until they’ve got that baby goat in sight.

Socially-minded runner

This person loves to get out on a crisp morning and get the endorphins flowing for a really great cause. This year they’ve already helped raise money for cancer research, children’s illnesses, dementia, multiple sclerosis, animals in need, homelessness. You name it, chances are they’ve run for it.

All gear, no idea

This person looks like they stepped straight off the page of the latest Rebel Sport catalogue. They’re sporting the lightest ergonomic running shoes with fly knit uppers and responsive cushioning, high performance compression wear made from lightweight breathable fibres and wearable technology with more computing power than a gamer’s laptop. Ask them the specs on their shirt and you’ll get a 10 minute spiel about the benefits of silver ions in gym wear for its anti-microbial properties.

Fair-weather fun runner

They’ve been checking the weather report all week unsure whether they’ll run if it’s too cold but the forecast is showing clear skies and a high of 17 degrees for the day. A quick message to the group chat and they’re heading for the 5km track with three of their mates. The brunch afterwards is going to taste even better after a brisk morning walk.

The weekend warrior

Their diary is filled with fun runs, park runs and marathons for the next 12 months, every weekend means a run at a different location. Each aspect of the course has been carefully considered and they’re aiming for a personal best time for the 10km this year.

While these groups don’t fit everyone, we guarantee you’ll come across some of them at this year’s YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run – and we love every single one of them!

There’s still time to sign up, click here to register.

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